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Bloorview School Intramurals 2019!

May 29, 2019
Our Bloorview School Intramurals are in full swing!

All students in our IET Program have been divided into teams -- Team Red, Team Yellow, Team Green and Team Blue! Each team includes students from a variety of classes to promote team building and friendship.

Intramurals started in April and will continue until June. During scheduled DPA times in the gym, students organize themselves into their teams and participate in a variety of cooperative games like Bucketball, Relay races, Tag-inspired games, Big Ball Soccer and T-Ball.

Before intramurals began students took an oath to:
  1. Play fairly
  2. Try their best
  3. Cheer for friends and teammates
  4. Have fun

The focus of intramurals is to have fun, try new things and to actively participate. The games and activities are adapted for inclusion and fair play so that everyone has a chance to play and join in!

To see pictures from intramurals, click here.
Student in a walker going through a tunnel during a relay race.
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